DMV  Singer-Songwriter

DaMar J next to make a difference in this music industry. "A one Man army to the industry".

DaMar “DaMar J” Jackson



 Born to the world as DaMar A. Jackson this artist goes by the stage name DaMar J.  Singer, songwriter and producer from the DMV metropolitan area.  DaMar J has been singing since the age of six and writing music since the age of Thirteen years old. A producer of good music.  DaMar J is an R&B sensation creating records to last a life time.  DaMarJ's music lyrically is a throwback to a time when artist worked on the words as much as they did the sound.  Since 2012 DaMar J has released 5 MixTapes, one Ep, and one Album.  DaMar J has graced the stage of the Howard Theater performing new songs from his latest 2019 release "Please Excuse My Feelings", which features his latest single "BLACK". 

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